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    New Products of Omega-3 Fish Oil


        New products —Refined TG and EE fish oil for human consumption as cooking oil & food additives
        —Infant formula milk powder, candies, other food as food additives
        Strategic partnership with R&D institution ??
        Utilizing our advantages of sourcing crude fish oil and? existing sales & marketing? channels to achieve more success in food industry.

    New products – Fish oil adding into cooking oil & food additives

        China- The largest market for cooking oil(soybean oil, canola oil, olive oil, peanuts oil,? corn oil or blended oil…), 17 million MT/year
        Low DHA&EPA intake – Average Chinese adults intake of 37.6 mg/day, far below the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) recommendation 500 mg/day
        DHA, EPA, ALA is vital to human body health.
        ALA helps the body absorb nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein; While DHA and EPA provide benefits to alleviate cardiovascular and immune system disease, also can promote the development of the nervous system in adolescents.
        Wealthy Diseases along with increase in disposal income
        In recent years, the level of the residents' dietary cholesterol, fat increased significantly, cardiovascular disease and other “wealthy diseases” became major health problems in China.
        DHA and EPA and ALA "AAA +" comprehensive fatty acid intake concept has been widely accepted in the world, especially in the Europe and the U.S.
    Market potentials: Blended rate of deep ocean fish oil 1.4%, 220,000 MT/ year, USD $ 2 B market for fish oil as cooking oil additive.

    New Products - Infant formula milk powder, candies, other food as food additives

    Benefits of DHA & ARA to Infants
        • Increase concentration 21%%
        • Better solve problems
        • Visual Acuity better , see 1.5 more lines for 12 M old
        • Higher intelligence score, 7 points for 18 M old7
        • Respiratory diseases down 43%-53%

    Fish oil powder microencapsulation embedding medium
        As a natural resource, less side effects , non-toxic, nutritional food additive
        • To balance the amino acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid level, easily digest protein, improve immunity system