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    Refined Oil

    The value and usage of fish oil
    Fish oil is the important source of fat for which as one of five nutrients, play an important roles in aquaculture products.
        1. Enhance immunity and disease resistances to decrease the rate of disease.
        2. Provide various of necessary nutrients that couldn’t get from plant to improve the health situation of fishes and shrimps.
        3. To enhance the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and transport capacity in the body.
        4. Provide fatty acids (unsaturated fatty acids)、 cholesterol, lecithin, to reduce inflammation disease (EPA and DHA have anti-inflammatory effect).
        5. As raw materials for the synthesis of certain hormones and vitamins.
        6. To increase production by increasing growth rates and feed conversion rate, so as to reduce the feed cost (although feed unit cost may be slightly higher, but can be reduced by feeding amount).
        The process of Fish oil feed may include those steps : feed material crushing、mixing machine, granulating conditioning and pellet feed surface spraying in aquaculture feed. In feed material crushing link , it is good for mixing feed with highly oil absorption to avoid Grease on the influence of the crusher screen mesh. In feed mixing link, fish oil must added into mixing machine through spray device, as mist ,avoid the formation of globular material results in uneven mixing. As for the short time of granulating conditioning, the volume of adding fish oil should not exceed 3 % . It will increase a layer of protection membrane in feed surface through pellet feed surface spraying in aquaculture feed, to increase the stability of feed in water, adding amount of atmospheric pressure spraying under 5%, It must be taken to vacuum coating if you want to improve the content, but actually can be increased to 20%, for example: salmon feed, the most widely used in the global feed industry .

    1. Fish Oil for Feed:
        Net weight: 190kg
      Crude fish oil Refined fish oil Winterized fish oil
    Applicable Shrimp pellet & marine
    fish extruded feed
    Shrimp pellet & marine fish
    extruded feed; eel, piglet feed
    Eel & turtle feed, piglet feed

        Refined & semi-refined fish oil for feed purpose (High Fortune Brand)
        Package: Flexi bags into 20'containers (Exporting to South America & EU)

        Refined fish oil (High Fortune Brand) (For domestic sales)
        Net weight: 190kg/ drum (for feed purpose) Net weight:16.5kg/ drum

    2. Fish Oil for Human Health:

        Net weight: 190kg