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    Management Team

    • Chen Hong Hong——She is the Legal Representative、Chairman 、C.E.O of ??“High Fortune Group ”
    • Lin Ying——She is the V. P. - Operating Director of “High Fortune Group”
    • Ma Xiao Dan——She is the Director of Admin. & Strategy of “High Fortune Group”
    • Wang Cheng——He is the Marketing Director of? “ High Fortune Group ”
    • Lu Lan Qiong——She is the Director of ?“ High Fortune Group”
    • Lin Yong Cai——He is the Deputy General Manager – Production of “ High Fortune Group”
    • Li Zai De——He ?is the ?Finance? Director ?of “ High Fortune Group”
    • Chen Min——She is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Capital Dept. ?Manager? of ?“ High Fortune Group”
    • Li Na——She is the ?Supervisor ?of? “ High Fortune Group” and the Admin. ?Dept. ?Manager ?of ?“Fuzhou High Fortune Trading Co., Ltd.?
    • Cheng Ru Bing——He is the Supervisor and Logistic Dept. Manager of ?“High Fortune Group”