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        Fujian High Fortune Bio-Tech Corp. is a bio-marine industry based firm that specializes in agriculture and feed industry, extends to food additive fish oil and healthcare industry, and also has its own brand , own refined processing plant and own logistic storage. It mainly focuses on the research & development, processing & producing, sale, importing & exporting business of bio-marine resource fish oil product. It also deal with the importing and sales business of high-protein raw fish meal, grain. Our products are mainly applied in the use of feed, food and healthcare fields.

        Fujian High Fortune Bio-Tech Corp. is a Sino-foreign joint venture company, that is invested by HIGH FORTUNE (CHINA) GROUP LTD. FUJIAN CHUANGXIN TONGFU  EQUITY INVESTMENT LLP.、THE SPECIFIC PROGRAM OF 7TH , RUI XIANG NEEQ、FUJIAN HUAXING ZHANGFA VENTURE CAPITAL CO.,LTD.、FUZHOU SUNRISING NO.1 INVESTMENT CENTER (LIMITED PARTNERSHIP). Our company, which is located in Fuqing Export Processing Zone inside fence and owns 120 acre land, is established in 2009 with a total investment of RMB150,000,000. The first stage of our ‘Fish Oil Refined Processing’ construction project was completed in June, 2011 and has come into use since then. The scope of the project covers 12000 square meter of construction area, which contains fish oil refining plant, fish meal packaging plant, fish oil storage warehouse, 6 oil tanks that can store up to 23000 tons of oil and office buildings. Since the completion of our first stage project, we have accomplished an annual output of 18000 tons production that is worth RMB 200 million. We have two wholly owned subsidiary: Fuzhou High Fortune Trading Co., Ltd. Mainly deals with fish oil importing and exporting business and domestic feed trade such as grain and fishmeal. High Fortune Bio-marine Ltd., established in Hong Kong, mainly deals with transit trading business in Hong Kong.

        We are now the member of IFFO 、 GOED (Global Organization For EPA And DHA Omega-3s), and has been awarded the honor of being one of ‘the Leading Enterprises of Fujian Provincial Ocean Industry’, ‘Fujian Province Role Model Company of Honesty and Trustworthiness’ and got the 7th place for ‘The Fujian Import and Export Quality Credit Enterprises’. We have also completed the registrations of several international and domestic management system certifications such as ‘EU (European Union) TRACES System Registration’ and ‘ISO22000’ .

        We are always dedicated and persistent to bringing high fortune to you and me. Our company is devoted in the business concept of ‘To focus on the development and technology innovation of global bio-marine resource, and provide quality service to healthcare and animal nutrition industry. We have became one of the leading fishery company of fish oil importing, exporting and refined processing. Our company also has established a persistent stable strategic relationship with many international high quality protein & energy feed raw material suppliers and domestic large feed enterprises.

        On 19th of July, 2016, our company has successfully been listed on NEEQ (National Equities Exchange And Quotations), our securities name: High Fortune with the stock code: 838154. This accomplishment marks that our company has successfully entered the capital market and our development prospect and strategic level will be significantly improved.